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Discovering a new love language

I used to see different people talk about love languages and wasn't sure that I had one for a while. Some people had a love language of receiving gifts but I wasn't the kind of person that got gifts so it didn't excite me as much. I did like buying things for people and that was a love language for me. I loved making people happy, even if it came at my own expense.

A friend did tell me that my love language was likely spending quality time with people and she was correct. I love going to places with my friends, or having them visit. It's fun catching up with them and also sharing stories about what's been going on in our lives. I find such visits enough to sustain me for all the times that I stay lonely.

I held on to those two for a while until my girlfriend discovered a third, which I'd been doing for a while but not ascribed it to love. What would it be? Pictures, I enjoy sending my pictures to people that I care about. Regular pictures, pictures with me wearing wigs or a pigeon pooping on me, you name it. The realization hit me well, realizing that I did it because I loved the people that I sent those pictures to. My girlfriend loves my wig pictures and I tend to take them solely for her. I didn't know that I liked taking pictures until 2021 and I've been doing more of them since then.

Here are some of my faves: