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Experiences dating online

A picture showing two hands with phones and hearts with dating site logos in them floating around.

I've been using Tinder/Bumble for a while now and it's been a mixed bag of things. Had a lot of misses over the last few years and a few hits, then hits that turned out to be misses. Going to be categorizing the ones I met in brief, somewhat brief details:

One word reply peeps

So, I'm generally a pretty boring person, so it used to be weird running into people who were more boring than I was. Bonus points if they had something like, you must be a really good communicator if you want to match with me or something. Running into people who relied on just using okay, good, fine when talking with you without really contributing anything to the conversation was always weird. I mean I'm already boring enough, why make things worse

The can you send me money peeps

These ones tended to be the same across board. Feels like there's a template out there that they follow. It usually starts them being overly friendly with you, calling you dear, babe and trying to want to know a lot about you in a short period of time. Then after a few days, they tell that they need money and ask if you can send any. I only ever sent one person a thousand when I first joined but afterwards, I stopped bothering myself. There's an evolved version of them where they wait weeks or months before initiating the cycle. There was a period where I had a bunch of them happen that I started wondering if I projected that I was rich. A friend said I looked like someone that was pampered, so might be that.

The I haven't met an atheist before peeps

Interactions with these ones swing both ways. On one hand, you have people who don't have issues with it and move past it quickly. On the other hand, you have people who try to make a deal about it and probably try to get you to convert. There are also the, let's use your name as an attack vector against you peeps. Started using my middle name with people so I'd avoid them.

The instant connection peeps

These are the rare ones. The ones that you hit it off with right from the get go. No long games or anything of the sort. Just pure blissful communication. Some of the people I still talk with long after matching fall into this category.

The decipher if we're into hookups peep

Most people doing hookups tend to be explicit about it so you know whether or not you want to avoid them. But there are others where it feels like they want you to ask before confirming that they do which I find weird. Some talk normally for a while before asking if they can come over. Like just say whether you want hookups or not and save us time.

Not sure this is a complete list but this covers most of the popular types I run into. The rest tend to fall somewhere in-between. Sometimes I become friends with them, other times, it doesn't work out.