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I think it's going to rain

I think it's going to rain,

But would it be the kind that makes me feel at peace,

Or the type that frustrates and frustrates and makes me want to pull out my hair,

I wonder if it would make me feel better,

Erase all the pain and wrap me in a blanket that comforts me

I wonder if the rain would come with fun memories,

Memories from a childhood that wasn't entirely pleasant,

I wonder if the calming scents from the storm would still linger by morning,

And pacify me until all my worries are gone

I wonder what kind of storm we'd get in the end,

One that's all buster and not a lick of action,

One that tears everything down and leaves destruction in its wake,

Or a storm thats chaotic and friendly and offers you a good night's sleep,

Any of them would be a welcome sight,

The winds, a welcome distraction from all the pain