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I'm lying here

I'm lying here looking at the stars and thinking of you,

Thinking of all the sweet words I'd have said to you if you were here by my side,

I'd tell you how lovely you are, and how you always make my heart melt,

How the way that you talk makes me giggle inside

I'm here lying with the cool breeze around, and thinking of how amazing you are,

Of all the ways that you make my heart stop when you walk through a door,

I think of how you tie your hair in cute ponytails, with flowers in them,

And how your beauty leaves my mouth open, awestruck by you

I'm here lying on the beach with you on my mind,

Thinking of how resplendent you are,

Wondering if I'd ever be able to tell you how I feel, or if I'd give up in the end,

You're perfect in all the ways that matter,

A goddess, Aphrodite's muse.