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Kachi’s Tips For Writing An Emmy Award Winning Series

Put characters in a messed up situation during the pilot episode.
  • Put characters in a messed up situation during the pilot episode.
  • Kill off one likeable character at the end of the pilot episode.
  • Keep putting the characters in fucked up situations that they struggle to come out of.
  • Kill off some likeable characters along the way but keep the one guy everyone hates
  • For the mid season finale, create a totally fucked up scenario, give the characters some hope of getting through it, then dash it. Dash it spectacularly while having the lead give an Emmy winning motivational dialogue somewhere in between
  • Now, that you’ve dashed the team’s hope, transform the non — likeable character and make him likeable
  • Then kill him off after he does some heroic act, which should bring the lead back to his senses
  • More fucked up scenarios to break their spirits
  • For the season finale, kill off everyone besides the lead, putting him in scenarios where he can’t save anyone
  • Have the last supporting character to be killed deliver an Emmy winning monologue to the lead, before they go
  • Kill off the lead’s dog who everyone has come to love, and have him hold her in his arms while she draws her last breaths.
  • Leave lead totally broken and audiences screaming for your head for such an emotional rollercoaster
  • Win a truckload of Emmys or none or something. I don’t know.
  • The end