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Something different

I want to run by hands over your body,

I want to run by hands over your body,

Feel your skin under my fingers,

I want to trace lines around your breasts,

And lick your nipples between short breaths,

I want to kiss you on your neck while you shudder,

And caress your back in slow strides,

I’d move to your lips but that would be too quick,

So how about I just press your body against mine for you to feel my hot breaths,

My finger upon your lips like I’m stopping you from divulging a long held secret,

Slowly, I slip my hands into you, and slowly feel you loosen,

Feels like all your worries disappear, and only elation remains,

It’s all gooey down there but the good kind of gooey,

The kind that makes you want to eat a full course meal filled with just you,

I grab on to your ass, as perky as they are,

They don’t need to be big to be endearing,

It’s cute that one chick fits into my hand,

I give gentle squeezes, enough to make you flutter,

Enough to make you gasp all so softly with that sweet voice of yours,

Just a bit and we’d be done and I didn’t really have to get inside you,

I’d leave you lying on a bed, stuck between two choices, wanting more or savouring what you just enjoyed.