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What does love mean to me

What does love mean to me,
A picture of a heart made using read thread

What does love mean to me,

It used to be something I couldn’t quite grasp,

I had a good handle on it, I knew I loved my best friend,

But I wasn’t quite there yet,

Would I move heaven and earth to help them,


But something was missing in it,

What does love mean to me,

I thought I’d find the answer in dating,

Thrice tried, thrice failed,

It wasn’t in being endearing and calling them boo,

It wasn’t in writing thoughtful poems that made their hearts move,

I knew I liked them and wanted to be with them,

Why else would my heart hurt after their ends.

What does love mean to me,

It started to come to me after I met you,

We didn’t start out great but thought I’d like you,

Took months to get there and when we did, I couldn’t stop talking to you,

As time passed, I wanted to spend every waking minute with you,

Felt weird considering that I’d stopped looking for love for some other reasons I’d not told you,

Then we talked and found out that things wouldn’t work between us,

I could either bug out or stick with you irregardless of that,

I picked the best option and don’t regret that I’m stuck with you

What does love mean to me,

It means feeling joy when they feel it,

And feeling panic stricken when they are too,

It’s the kind of feeling that transcends boundaries in ways that’s difficult to explain,

It’s hearing them broken and having your spirit crumble,

It’s wanting to be there for them while they come out on top too,

It’s being there for them even if things don’t move to the other room,

Watching them smile as you begin to smile too.