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The kind of dreams I have

The kind of dreams I have
Photo by Johannes Plenio / Unsplash

I dream in pieces, some peaceful, some vivid,

I dream of things locked down under, longing to run free,

I dream of fighting, of water, of bridges,

I dream about trips my mind wants to take,

I dream of earthquakes, of big battles and giant wars,

Of clay monsters that breathe fire, of really long snakes,

I dream of my distress, of being anxious and depressed,

Of struggles from my waking life that I struggle to run from

I dream of kisses, of gentle touches, of great sex,

I dream of evenings lying in meadows, with people that I love,

I dream of being chased, by my anxiety manifested, or gorillas with machine guns,

I dream of long walks to distant countries, of explorations and new discoveries,

I dream of my past, my present, my future,

I have dreams so lucid, they come with their own thoughts,

I dream of friends and loved ones and tranquility like a dove,

Of things that my mind longs for, peace filled with love