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You took something from me

You took something from me, something that I cared a lot about,

You tore it from my hands and disposed of it like I was nothing,

You took something that reminded me of her, the only memento that remained,

And all for what, Envy? Anger? Some other misguided feeling

I think about all the ways I could hurt you, make you feel pain,

I think of the words that I'd say to you that would hit you right under the belt,

I want you to feel as much pain as I do, with every fiber of your being,

But I wonder what that would bring me? Joy? Happiness? Peace?

I think of all the hatred that I feel towards you, how it constantly eats at me,

I hate that I met you, hate it down to my soul,

But then I wonder what she'd tell me if she were beside me,

She'd tell me to forgive you for everything that you've done, no matter how bad they must have been,

She'd want me to hug them, even though every part of me wants to kill her