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A quiet evening with an angel

A quiet evening with an angel
Photo by Jeff Siepman / Unsplash

We're sipping red wine on the balcony,

Her legs laid on my laps,

I watch her hair flow gently in the light evening breeze,

It enhances her face in ways so subtle, her beauty ever so like a dream.

She's laughing at my jokes, the kinds I tell myself when no one's looking,

Her warm smile piercing through my heart, like a sword runs through water,

I wonder if she likes my jokes, as dry as they seem,

But she seems elated by every word I say, with joy filled to it's brim.

We're halfway through the bottle, and she's as tipsy as she can be,

She reaches out to kiss me, on my forehead it seems,

I stare into the eyes of this beautiful lady, so charming, so pristine,

And I'm glad that I found her, an angel without wings.