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How this darkness feels

People hear that you're depressed and instantly think you're sad,

That they'd be able to do something that'd instantly cheer you up,

They suggest movies or going out, something to put a bounce in your step,

When you're so far down under, in a blackhole that sucks all light away.

You're told to snap out of it, to just be happy, just be free,

Gee, why hadn't I thought of that at all, these past few weeks,

There's no switch, no single trigger that can make it all go away,

If it were that simple, do you think anyone would still want to live through it?

It's hard to explain to people, how it is when your thoughts are filled with death,

To have to listen to them say that I have a better life than some people, but that won't keep the thoughts away,

It's hard to get out of bed, but you do with fake smiles anyway,

Or frowns, whatever it takes to keep people far away.

It’s hard living life in this dark space a lot of the time,

Going through spells and wondering what happiness feels like,

But it’s just as sad to listen to people who think we’re just sad,

But there’s always room to learn, to grow and be better,

And maybe, just maybe, you’d be of better help to those of us around you.