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Catcalling From A Shy Guy’s Perspective

We’ve all been here, either as part of the problem or watching it happen. So, let’s just set the record straight. Catcalling a girl you…

We’ve all been here, either as part of the problem or watching it happen. So, let’s just set the record straight. Catcalling a girl you don’t know is just plain wrong, and damn right demeaning. Do you want to know why? Sit your sorry butts down, and listen. No girl is ever going to fall for you, if you whistle at her when she walks by, or make obscene comments about her bum, or boobs. And no, don’t you try to defend yourselves by saying you’re making compliments. You’re treating them like objects, not living, breathing things. Would you ever catcall a dog, or a cat, or even a lovely stallion? Would you? No, you f**king wouldn’t.

Even full-body coverings don’t exempt you

Now, some douche-bags might want to go on the defensive, and try to bring up stuff like, ‘Catcalling done right’, or ‘Guys have every right to catcall’, or some other piece of shit. Damn, this is not some bloody right given to you when you were born, just because you came out a guy. That’s just some crap culture talking. A culture that tells you to treat women worse than you would treat some piece of garbage. That’s just wrong. Women are priceless. Just because, you’re a dude, and you’ve had other dudes walk up to you, and tell you that they’re just people you have sex with and treat like trash, do you have any reason to do likewise.

I should re-iterate this — Catcalling will never get you laid. It might strike fear in the girl’s mind that you might rape her, if she does not respond, especially if you’re bigger than her, or she’s in a secluded area. She will not see you as some top dog, or someone to fawn over. No, she’ll see you as the insecure jerk you are. As the dude who’s afraid of approaching her normally, because he’s afraid she’ll brush off his advances. She’ll see you as the guy who just wants to prove to his friends that he can sleep with you, not someone who will care for her, or encourage her when she needs it. No, she’ll just see someone who is prepared to treat her like a sex doll, and nothing more, ready to be disposed off when he gets tired of her.

The problem you catcalling jerks create for regular guys like us, is that some girls will eventually lump us with you, and treat our innocent approaches as the same filthy stuff you guys would try. They’d tend to view us as incapable of showing any form of affection. You get treated as jerks, and you make regular guys like us get treated like jerks. Annoying Lose — Lose situation, if you ask me.

Seriously, catcalling needs to stop. It’s just plain annoying to look at, and even more annoying to endure. It’s crazy to think that this isn’t something that will just go away overnight. Doing away with catcalling would require a systematic and continuous approach to educating guys, especially the younger ones who haven’t been initiated yet, and teaching them how to treat ladies right. We can’t continue to accept or encourage such misogynistic attitudes in our communities. We can start, by telling our friends off, when they catcall in your presence, or write an article like this one, and send to your guy friends. There are girls out there who continue to fearlessly defy cat-callers, and I want to encourage them, knowing how risky it is to do so. For those who can’t, and who have to endure, I hope you have the strength to get through it. I really do hope catcalling decreases in the future, so girls can finally walk the streets in peace, without some bozo thinking it’s alright to disturb them.

Would you catcall a girl if they were this strong?