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Daredevil Season 2

Did you love the first season? Then you’ll definitely love the second one. It was paced better, filled with more blood — letting, more…

Did you love the first season? Then you’ll definitely love the second one. It was paced better, filled with more blood — letting, more emotional scenes, and just awesome goodness. I’ll do my best to keep spoilers to the barest minimum. Wouldn’t want to ruin all the fun.

Enter The Punisher

“One batch, Two batch, Penny and a Dime.” Whenever you hear these lines, and you happen to be a criminal living in Hell’s Kitchen, I’d be sorry for you. I’d like to say run, but where would you run to? I’d also want to tell you to fall face — flat on the floor, till all blood has been shed, but it’d only be temporary. Frank Castle will find you, and he will put a bullet in you. Where the bullet will end up in, only he knows, but it’s fair to warn you, it wouldn’t end up in somewhere pretty. So who’s Frank Castle? He’s a former marine, and ex — family man, who sets out on a warpath throughout Hell’s Kitchen. And it’s no ordinary warpath. I mean, he takes out criminal gangs in one go, without leaving any survivors. If he let’s you live, just know you’ll be going out differently. Bulletproof vests don’t work with this guy, nope, just forget it. Your best bet would be fleeing Hell’s Kitchen and never looking back (kinda like how different villages gave a flee on sight order for Namikaze Minato in Naruto). That said, Jon Berthal put up an awesome performance in this role, too awesome if you ask me, overshadowing Vincent D’Onofrio’s performance as Wilson Fisk in the first season. Does he deserve a series of his own after such a wonderful performance? I don’t think it should fly. He and Matt had so much chemistry in their scenes together, and it would be best to leave it that way, if you ask me. But then, there’s also Micro (from the comics), and you never can tell what Marvel and Netflix would want to do with him. One batch, Two batch,and there you have it folks, Frank Castle.


Elektra… Matt’s old love interest, and proficient Martial artist. She’s also a companion of Stick (Blind old guy, kicks Matt’s butt in the first season. Yeah, Him). She comes off initially as being narcissistic, summoning Matt to help her whenever she feels like, and whatnot. There’s also that emotion — filled scene with her, Matt and Karen somewhere in the season, but I’m not going to say anything further. You should see the scene for yourself, and watch wonders happen to your heart. She also serves as the means through which Matt is introduced to The Hand (a mysterious and ancient Japanese organization). She’s also an expert when it comes to information gathering, damn, I respect her prowess in that.

Matt, Foggy, and Karen

You’ve met them before, you came to love them, and now they’re back, stronger and better, and taking on more cases. Well, cases where they get paid in fruits, and homemade cooking, not cash. I repeat, no cash. Like, we get that they are trying to help those that can’t really help themselves, but it won’t last for long if there’s no money to pay bills. Well, they go through a lot all season, taking on the case of the century, and all. They also go head to head with the District Attorney, an annoying figure, in Samantha Reyes, and also find themselves in the Punisher’s cross-hairs on a couple of occasions.

The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen

Normally, you’d expect me to talk about him first, but, nah. Anyways, we get to see more butt kicking from him, and less injuries. Remember how many times he had to get Claire to fix him up last season? Well, it’s way less now, thanks to what Melvin did for him, with his new suit and all. He meets a worthy adversary in Frank (proof: above picture), and has to figure out how to beat him.

Verdict on the season — 8 out of 10 for me. Like I said before, the pacing was terrific, and the way in which the different plot lines were inter — woven was crazy as well. But it had some letdowns, one of which was Nobu, leader of the Yakuza in the first season, you know, the guy whose choice weapon is the Kyoketsu Shoge (long chain with a knife at one end). Nobu was pretty bad-ass in season 1, but not so much in this season (oops, spoiler, for those who have seen the first season). I’d totally recommend this to anybody who needs a series that reels them in and keeps them hooked till the last minute.