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Interstellar (Review)

Interstellar (Review)

So, it's been a while I wrote and this would be my first foray into it in ages, probably decades but we have to try at some point now, don't we. Anyway...

Interstellar is a bit old (2014) but that doesn't stop it from being one of the best movies I've seen recently. Set in a dystopian future when humans are barely surviving and almost running out of food, we follow a group of astronauts who venture into a different  galaxy, courtesy of a wormhole that's appeared just off Saturn. To avoid spoiling a lot for any one who's not seen it yet, I'd briefly talk about the things I liked about it.

First off, this movie explores what we'd do when faced with insurmountable odds. Each major character is explored through this lens and we see the toll it takes on them, the decisions they have to make and how they deal with the ones they need to accept.

The score. The score was amazing. The only other movie with a really good score that I can easily recall would be the one for Inception, which was also scored by Hans Zimmer and directed by Christopher Nolan. Interstellar's score gives a lot of emotional weight to different scenes that it's hard to not just admire it.

Visuals. This is Christopher Nolan we're talking about. Man knows how to come up with stunning visuals and he does not disappoint here. From the journey through the wormhole to the shots on each of the planets we visit on our journey, you'd really appreciate just how cool they look. There's this docking scene towards the end that's just different levels of breathtaking. You'd have to see it yourself to appreciate it.

There are a few things which might present you with a number of questions during the movie which I'd can not really talk about without spoiling the movie so I'd let you figure them out for yourself.

Thanks for coming to my not so spectacular return to writing.

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