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A friend

A friend

Met her when I wasn't searching and wasn't sure we'd even click,

I was worried I'd bore her, more worried that she'd leave,

Got nudged, got encouraged to just be myself,

Decided to give it a try, no matter what came next,

We started talking, started connecting on little things,

Started to feel like I'd found someone who understood me, someone with whom I can be free,

Finally decided to hangout with her, to interact with her outside of my phone,

Was really scared I'd bore her, terrified she'd get tired of me,

We got to talking about a movie, about things that made us tick,

And in one evening, I felt like I'd found someone I'd never want to leave,

We grew closer, we bonded, we shared a lot of secrets people didn't know,

I found myself talking to her more and more every passing day,

She's pretty and she's smart, in more ways than one,

Also pretty resilient, and stays strong through hard hitting storms,

She's fun and witty, she's someone you'd enjoy talking with, someone you won't want to let go,

Sometimes I worry that I might not really be a good friend for her,

Or maybe I'd mess things up that she wouldn't want to be near me,

But till then, I'd enjoy her company as much as I can,

And savour all the moments I spend with this amazing friend.