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A storm’s coming, and it’s coming hard,

A storm’s coming, and it’s coming hard,

It’s wreaking havoc, tearing down anything in it’s path,

It rumbles, it growls, it breathes fire from it’s mouth,

Storms don’t bring fire, yet this one sure has,

It grows wild, it surrounds, it rips worlds aparts,

It knows no niceties, it only knows pain, it only knows disasters, torture, and rage,

It makes the kids cry, the adults go insane,

They pull their hair out, their screams fill the terrain

This storm brings sadness, it encompasses the plain,

It fills the land with such darkness, we can’t see stars again,

It’s so bleak, so dreary, and looks like it’ll never end

It starts to drive us crazy, for days without end,

Making us wonder, if storms will ever end