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Voices in my head

I hear voices every waking moment, they're like a constant barrage of thoughts,

Never ending or ceasing, never slowing down nor resting,

They whisper to me to smile at people when I walk,

Or to look people in the eyes while I talk,

‌             ‌

Sometimes I hear sad voices too, voices that tell me that I'm inadequate,

Voices that keep drumming into my head that I'd never be good enough,

They keep up a constant chorus when I'm in dark places,

They rise and keep rising until it feels like I'm drowning

‌             ‌

I hear voices that tell me to confront my fears,

To apply for that job or take on that huge task,

To tell that girl that I like them,

To confront people who don't respect my boundaries

‌             ‌

I hear happy voices too,

The ones that remind me of how far I've come,

They comfort me during dark times,

Telling me that I'd get through them as I always have,

‌             ‌

I'd keep hearing voices in my head for as long as I live,

I'd hear the good ones, the bad ones and the ones in-between,

They'd keep me company at every step of the way,

I wonder if they'd destroy or strengthen me,

I guess we'd find that out with each waking day