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How do I fall in love

How do I fall in love,
Do I fall for their looks first,
Their eyes, the shape of their face or the curves of their body,
Do I become smitten the first time I lay my eyes on them

Do I fall for the sound of their voice,
Or the depths of the conversations that I have with them,
Or fall for how brilliant they are,
Am I captivated by the aura that they command when they walk into a room,

Do I fall in love with their kindness and the serenity that surrounds them,
Or am I struck by how lofty their ambitions are,
Do I see how they live their lives and become entranced,
Or fall in love with what they've accomplished for themselves

Am I intrigued by how much they understand me,
When not a lot of people do,
Or do I love the fact that they pay attention to me,
When the world does not

Do I fall in love in bits instead,
Never knowing what the major turning points were,
Or do I fall in love all at once,
Giving my heart and mind to them