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If I Asked You

If I asked you to write a piece for me,

What would it be,

Would it be a poem, a ballad, or a love song from within,

Would you pour out your hearts until it fills this whole  room

If I asked you to perform for me,

What would you do,

A play or an orchestra,

With sounds that pierces through my heart,

Would you enchant a room with your sweet voice,

And make my soul melt

If I asked you to tell me how you really felt,

Would you open up at once,

Or do so in bits,

Enough to keep me always longing for you

If I asked you to tell me that you love me,

Would you whisper it in my ear,

Or declare it from great heights for the whole world to hear,

Would I look into your eye and be smitten,

Brought to my knees by your gentle smile