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Things to do on cold rainy nights

Picture of a man and a woman taking a shower against a dark background

Cuddled together on a cold rainy night,
I run my hands across your body and feel your breath on my skin,
It’s gentle and hot, and many kinds of warm,
It makes me want to do more than cuddle,
To do things to your body in more ways than one,
I twirl my fingers around a nipple and gently squeeze your a butt cheek with my free ones,
Slowly moving them down into you, causing you to stir,
I kiss your lips slowly while my digits work their way inside you,
I enjoy the heat inside of you, it warms me up faster than your body on mine,
You moan for a bit, wanting me to go on,
But I pull my fingers out to lick them and kiss you on your forehead,
We’re out of condoms and it’d be tricky to go on this hard and not make a baby tonight.