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A bit of me

A bit of me

Looks like it's going to rain tonight, guess the tears would have full reign,

Been keeping all the dark thoughts in check, but guess I'd just let them hold sway,

Thoughts of death and dying, thoughts that drive me insane,

Thoughts that make me want to jump off a bridge and watch the world just fade away,

I think about the people who'd miss me, wonder how much they'd break,

Maybe I'm just being selfish, maybe I just don't care,

But when the dark thoughts start, everything else fades,

I feel like they won't be able to help, feel like their words won't do shit,

Everything goes dark, and your brightest light doesn't get through,

Wonder why I should continue, should I even carry on,

I keep the tears in check, can't let anyone know,

People need to think I'm fine, can't have them worry,

They already have a lot going on, things I can probably help with,

Guess I'd just deal with the rain like I always have,

It's bound to end at some point, maybe in hours, days or weeks,

Anyways, the rain does hide the tears, so guess it has its uses.