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She reminds me

I look at her and she reminds me of someone,
An old love perhaps, or a crush I never told,
There's a sparkle in her eyes, like a billion stars shining,
There's an aura that flows around her, like the borealis in clear nights,
She looks in my direction and my heart instantly melts,
She has a smile that disarms me, it tears all my defenses down,

I take another look at her and I'm staring at a queen,
She radiates glory enough to brighten a whole country,
She takes one step in my direction and my knees begin to crumble,
She walks so gracefully, I bet she could walk across the seas

I take another look at her and I wonder if she's from my dreams,
Beauty unparalleled, she doesn't look like she could be real,
She's almost in front of me and the words get stuck in my throat,
I try to bring myself to tell her just how beautiful of a person she is

I look at her as she walks by, so calm and serene,
And I wonder to myself if I'd ever see another as lovely as she is