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Tell me something that you'd want

Tell me something that you'd want,
Something that would make you smile and lift burdens off your back,
Would you want vacations to beautiful cities,
Or a walk on the beach on a calm evening,

Would all the money that I could give you make you feel free,
Or would grand declarations of love warm you in your belly,
We could spend the night cuddled in bed and resting,
And I'd tell you stories that make you giggle,

What's one thing that you desire which would make you feel at peace,
It could be anything within my power,
Or even something outside of it,
I'd cross through any desert to get it, if it meant seeing you smile,

I'd tell you one thing I need that would make me happy,
Just you and everything that you bring,
Your resplendent smile, the sound of you laughing,
You bring me so much joy, and I only want to do the same for you