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Estás Bella

I'm looking at a beautiful woman, with her hair flowing in the wind,

And a smile that pierces my heart, like an arrow heading straight for its mark,

She looks at me and I feel my knees give way, strong man like me crumbling like a paper mache,

I catch a whiff of her perfume as she walks by, its flowery and sweet like a strawberry daiquiri,

The way she walks draws me in and makes me want to follow her, and I'm instantly enthralled,

Her body seems to have been carved by the gods on olympus, with such skill that her beauty radiates into space,

I hear her talk and her voice melts my very soul, its soft and purposeful and I wish she'd say my name from those lips,

Everything she says sounds enlightening, she could be talking about moisturisers and it feels like I'm floating in the clouds,

I could go on, on and on about her, my new special interest,

She redefines beauty in more ways than one, a goddess that graces us with her presence on earth