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Wanna hear a secret?

Do you want me to tell you a secret, something so dark, so sinister,
A picture of a woman, with part of her face showing, putting a single finger on her lips as if telling you to keep quiet

Do you want me to tell you a secret, something so dark, so sinister,

It’d make your skin crawl, burn you and leave blisters,

A secret so profound, it shakes you to the core,

It makes you wonder just what kind of a man I really am.

Do you want me to let you in on some really dark thoughts,

The kind that does nothing but destroy every single thing in it’s wake,

Thoughts so mind-blowing, they hit you in the gut and make you quake,

It’d make you stop to think about what this man does at any rate.

Do you want me to show you how my mind really works,

You’d take a look at me and think its peaceful, reserved and just filled with books,

Till the carnage inside ravages you to shred and you can’t do nothing but look,

It makes you wonder how I exude such calm from such deep levels of chaos.

Do you really want to know what in my head,

You’d hope that it’d be something peaceful, something mellow, it keeps your heart warm,

But the things in it would terrify and scar you, leaving you shattered and all levels of worn,

You decide to just love me for what’s on the outside, at least that’s something fun.

Do you really want to know what I spend the day thinking about,

You’d believe it’s something nice, something relaxing, but it’s a darkness so deep, it makes your heart run,

It claws and grasps at you, striving to take everything that you’ve got,

It surprises you that it comes from a face so peaceful, so warm, you’d think he’d never been hurt.