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I waited and didn’t tell her then, didn’t tell her how much I loved her,

I waited and didn’t tell her then, didn’t tell her how much I loved her,

Cause I thought I’d found someone I loved more, somewhere way out there,

I’m happy with the one I’ve found, but what we have doesn’t last,

I wonder if I made the right choice, back then in the past,

We call it off after a while, something I thought would take us down the aisle,

I’d been so optimistic, and yet, it all came crashing down,

Fast forward a few months, and I’m searching for a new girl, somewhere out there,

Someone who’d understand me, love me, and someone I’d hold dear,

I crush on a couple, nah, way more than a triple,

But I rarely act on them, and just watch the crushes fizzle,

Wrote about a few of them, as best as I could,

About the ones who captivated me like no one else could,

I tried to ask some out, something I never could quite do,

But things didn’t always go the way I planned, and they never said yes too,

I give up, I lose hope, and for a while I go cold,

I wonder if I’ll ever find someone as beautiful as you, before I grow too old,

But you’ve always been there, you’ve always really cared,

Maybe I’d thought it wouldn’t work out, maybe I’d just been plain scared,

I wonder if you’ve held on for me, waiting for me to come through,

Or if it’s just a part of my imagination, that wants to believe it’s true,

But I want to ask you out, and don’t know if you’d say yes,

Or if you’d turn me down, leaving me in tears,

I know its a bit late, and maybe I should have asked back then,

Maybe, we’d still be together, in love so perfect, a ten out of ten,

Fast forward a couple of months, and here we are,madly in love together,

Hoping we’d stay strong, stand tall, braving the fiercest storms together