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If walls could talk

If walls could talk, I wonder what they’d say,
If walls could talk

If walls could talk, I wonder what they’d say,

Maybe they’d go off about your poor choice of paint colors,

And wonder what kinda weirdo paints them with a mix of pink and yellow,

They’d go off on you like hey, ‘Boy here has a poor sense of colors. Told him he should’ve hired that interior designer’

If walls could talk, I wonder if we’d be more careful about what we said when no one’s around,

If we’d just keep our deepest, darkest secrets to ourselves,

Or on one sunny and beautiful day when Lara comes over,

Walls gonna be like, ‘Girl, you have got to hear what this guy tells his friends about your sweet ass’

If walls could talk, that should be something fun, at least you’d think,

You’d have something to always listen to you, something to sound stuff off on,

One moment, you think your singing voice would give Mariah a run for her money,

Next moment, walls are asking you to look online to find noise-cancelling headphones made for them

If walls could talk, you’d think that you’d be less lonely,

They’d have to listen to everything you have to say and can’t walk away,

But they can always get back at you in their own devious ways,

Just wait till you’re telling Eunice how much you love her, when they go, 'Dear, he said the same thing to Valerie 5 minutes ago’,

Best be ready to explain who Valerie is

If walls could talk, then they’d probably be sentient,

You’d either have to deal with them going on about brand new trends in the cement industry,

Or how they’d love to go on trips alone to Paris,

Or you might get unlucky and get walls that speak in an entirely different language,

And leave you saying ‘No hablo espanol’ since you don’t want to learn any Spanish, or was that Italian?

If walls could talk, there’d be a lot of possibilities,

They’d either be friendly and supportive,

Or vindictive and sad,

But one thing’s for sure, they’d be bound to be a riot to spice up boring days,

Or who knows, maybe they’d drive us insane, can never be too sure