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Being Free

Being Free

Let's look at the stars while we lie on damp grass,

Enjoying the night breeze as we gaze on the night sky,

Let's talk about things that make our hearts fly,

That leads us to explore and chart paths through unconquered lands.

Let's seat by the lake and look at fishes as they swim by,

Serenaded by such tranquility, it calms and keeps our hearts light,

Let's look back on things that once we're but now have gone by,

There's no harm in reminiscing about things that no longer are.

Let's take a walk in the meadow and watch as birds fly,

Watch as they soar, untethered in the sky,

Let's look forward to days where we soar high,

Days where we're kings in a world not gone by.

Let's take a swim in the ocean and let the waves wash over us,

Feel as they takes away all our worries, our fears and sad thoughts,

Let's relax our minds and let fly, all the things that held us back in past times,

And watch our mind become free of all binds, allowed to dream, explore, and conquer new lands.