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The Void

The Void

He calls out to the void, and it responds with a sound he can't quite figure out,

It sounds like a thousand sirens singing, their sweet melodies captivating his heart,

They beckon for him to come closer, to allow himself be enclosed by such sweet darkness,

To be calmed by it, while surrounded by a multitude of blissful voices

He calls out again to the void, and it answers back with a sound he can't quite make out,

It's filled with laughter and joy, from what sounds a million different voices,

It's like he imagined Valhalla to be, only this time, it has a certain warmth to it,

Their voices call out to him like a single, urging him to come take his place at their table,

To be laugh, be merry and happier than he's ever been

He calls out to the void, and this time, it just listens,

It waits for him to make a decision, to be convinced by his choice,

It's gate stay open, looking almost like outstretched arms,

He stops to ponder about what he should do,

It's not like the life he lived here was any good, not like he lived the life of his dreams,

And in the end, he decides, that he'd accept the void's offer and allow himself be consumed by it,

He'd likely be more happier in it than he ever was here