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He who would be king

He who would be king

He should be king, he thought to himself,

But of what exactly, would he rule over,

Maybe he'd rule over fear, and have anxiety under his feet,

He'd usher in a new era of courage, of boldness and brave deeds

He thought he could rule over the darkness, and be a beacon of everlasting light,

He'd harness the power of a million stars, and illuminate entire terrains,

He'd brighten the dark night sky and fill it with marvellous constellations,

He'd be the light that encompasses all, and banish all dark and depressing things

What would he rule over that would be fit for a king,

He thought about peace and ending all wars, bringing relief to worlds at the brink of ruin,

He could end all pain and suffering, giving people immeasurable hope,

He'd usher in a new era, one with no hatred, no malice or strife,

One where people lived in harmony, each one at peace with both friend and those who would be foe

He sat and he pondered, about what kind of kingdom he'd want to have,

Maybe he'd build one overbrimming with love, one in which all hearts are abuzz,

He'd rid the lands of such mundane things like jealousy, and fill it instead with ecstasy,

He'd bring together all people regardless of their differences,

And rule over a land where people love those who would at one time called foes

He thought about what kind of king he'd want to be,

Maybe he'd be one who has absolute control over his subject's actions and choices,

He'd strip away all tendencies to do evil and make them all conform to one single goal,

He'd be a tyrant, but one so benevolent, songs of praise would flow about him

He thought about what kind of king he'd want to be,

And felt it would be best to let people live as they pleased,

Sure he'd remove evil things from where he ruled over,

But he'd grant his people the freedom they deserved, and interfere as little as possible

He'd usher in an era without control, one where people made all their own choices.