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No one in particular

No one in particular

To no one in particular, I like so many things about you,

How your hair flows in the wind, and the captivating sound of your voice,

I like how you think, how you plan and how you overcome,

Athena must have smiled upon you and showered you with her gifts,

Your courage, your bravery leave me feeling awestruck,

I like how you move across the dancefloor, drawing gazes in your wake,

You light up the room, you calm the raging storms,

I like how witty you are, how you serenade me with sweet words,

How you make my heart stop without so much as a thought,

I like the look in your eyes when you've gotten something you really wanted,

It makes me feel like I'd happily go to war for you, and defend your honor till I can't no more,

I like how you dress and pick the perfect colors,

There's no rainbow that could ever look as colorful as you do,

I like watching you eat, watching you read, watching you sleep,

Doubt I'd ever find a series on Netflix that's as interesting as you,

I like that I love you this much, I'd gladly give my life for you,

Maybe this is to no one in particular, but maybe I wrote this all for you.