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Saying goodbye

Saying goodbye

Sitting cross-legged, he waits for her to call,

He waits for the soft vibration from his old phone that sets his heart off,

Will she bother to or will she not,

It's hard for him to understand the mind of the one who he'd once claimed to love

Some secrets here and kisses there,

He had at one believed he’d found someone with whom his heart would forever be joined,

But love's such a fickle thing, a lesson he was yet to learn.

An hour's gone and there's only silence all around him,

He holds our hope that she'd call but even the strongest wishes eventually fade,

He's reminded of long walks under the moonlight with words that would make any heart run,

Words of love and sincerity, the kind that overflows the brims with joy,

But such words eventually turn soar, the very thoughts of them make his heart burn.

It's been weeks and she still hasn't called,

His phone vibrates so softly, bringing with it different kinds of words,

But they're words from different people, some from places of love, others from wherever,

It's probably time to move on he thinks, to find a new world, some place different,

One that's brimming with lots of possibilities, one more gilded with love,

But would he even find happiness in one, or would his heart harden to the point where it knows no love,

Maybe he'd just step back and embrace the silence,

And enjoy the tranquility that comes with it,

In a place where serenity that overflows.