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Keeping Secrets

Keeping Secrets

Sometimes I feel like I should tell you, sometimes I feel you should hear,

Of the many things running inside my head, the things that rip me to shreds,

But you've got a lot going on, things which might fill you with dread,

I decide to keep my secrets, I make a choice to keep them dear,

Than to bother you with things too heavy, things that come with despair,

I'd rather deal with them myself, I'd struggle and live with that fear,

I'd watch it tear me to pieces, sit back as it renders and tears,

Sometimes I wish I could tell you, of things that I battle within my head,

But I fear you may not be accepting, I worry that you'd think about me less,

I struggle and watch as it engulfs me, I stay back and watch the thoughts as they flare,

I could tell you before it consumes me, tell you just how much I feel,

But I'm scared you won't see it like I do, worried that maybe you'd leave me and flee,

I proceed to keep the thoughts locked inside me, I keep them sealed deep within,

And carry on like nothing's happened, watching as the dreams recede,

Sometimes I wonder if I'd ever be able to tell you, I think about how it would feel,

But I try to move on like nothing's happened, while my feelings tear me apart at the seams.