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Pensamientos oscuros

Pensamientos oscuros

Lost in darkness, struggling to get free,

I wonder if I'd ever see the light again, or if the darkness will haunt me,

Drowning in despair, consumed by pure grief, My heart starts to falter, come apart and bleed,

My heart is filled with so much pain that cripples me, and leaves me shaking like a leaf,

I stumble, I fall, and all the hope I have sinks,

I watch as it descends to a point I'll never reach,

Guess this is something I'd have to get used to, something I'd never leave,

Something that'd become a part of me, something that I'd sit with,

My mind starts to crumble, and all I have are sad dreams,

Maybe some crazy ones, or wild ones, or the types that would make you scream,

I wonder if I'd ever feel better, if I'd ever feel serene,

Nah, that might just be the ketamine talking, maybe I'm just hallucinating this,

The things I've seen make my heart shiver, my heart skips many beats,

I've been frozen in place, unable to move forward an inch,

I wonder if this is something I'd get through eventually, something I'd finally leave,

Nah, must really be the drugs talking not me just fighting to live,

I guess I could try to fight this, I guess there's a chance I'd finally be free,

But would I be willing to try it, with all the challenges that it would bring,

Maybe I'd get to see the light, and all the joy that it brings,

But nah, I think I'd just give in, and let the darkness run free.